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Filmmaking and cinematography in particular is an awesome field to be in. It is an exciting time to be working as a filmmaker or as a cinematographer because of all the great developments that are being made. That’s where we come in – this site is all about cinematography, aiming to guide those who are interested in it.

We want to make cinematography accessible to as many people as possible. By providing information starting with the very basics of cinematography, we hope to make it more known and understandable. We’d also like to spark more interest about the field, which would result in more and better cinematographers in the industry.

Our site is meant to be a showcase for the many different techniques and ever evolving technologies used in the field of cinematography. It is also hoped that this would be a platform for sharing knowledge and help every cinematographer – beginner or otherwise – that visits the site become better. There is so much to

So let this site be your guide as well those of other cinematography enthusiasts and professionals out there. Happy filming then!

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