Take Professional Product Shots – with your iphone?

Taking professional photographs of your products can be incredibly painful and expensive, especially if you don’t own your own lighting and camera gear. Thankfully today we picked up on a great tutorial from Pro Cap titled: ‘iPhone Product Photography Tutorial at Home. DIY No Need‘ and despite the crazy long title we found the article to be really helpful. We’ve summed up the video into three easy steps!

Step 1 – Collect your equipment

You’ll need a couple of things to get started.


1. A phone that can take HD photographs

2. 3 lamps with the same color temperature light bulbs

3. A white, A4 sheet of paper

4. One white SKUBB from IKEA (or alternatively you could use some white fabric)


Step 2 – Set up Equipment

As yowhite-backdrop-lightingu can see from the photos, there are lamps on the right and left side and the third is pointed at the back of the SKUBB.

You then slide your A4 piece of paper to the back of the box, as pictured below. Note that he lets the paper curve that the back so it acts as a backdrop and covers the back of the SKUBB. Turn off your lights and draw the curtains. Now you’re all set up to take some beautiful product shots!


Step 3 – Take the shot!

Place the youGet-focus-camerar product in the middle of the box. Turn off your flash and switch your aspect ratio to ‘square’. Switching to the square aspect ratio isn’t essential but it does prevent you from having to crop your shots later which will save you lots of time.

With the back lamp turned off, lock the focus on your product by holding on it till it pulses three times. Now that the focus is locked, turn on the back lamp.


End Product Shot


And boom! Take those pretty product shots!

The best part is that you can upload the photos straight from your photo to your Facebook or Etsy account without having to send them to photoshop via your computer! Easy!



We hope you liked our run down of Pro Cap’s great video tutorial on taking product stills on a budget! To see the original video please see below! And as always, if you have any questions be sure to write to us in the comments.

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