Post Productions Techniques To Make Your Work Pop!

You’ve finally finished your principal photography and you’ve had a few days to catch up on some much needed sleep. It’s now time to start thinking about post production. If you shoot, direct and edit all of your work then I’m sure you’ve been planning this stage for week. Post production is a great time to no only ‘plus’ individual shots but create an unique look for the whole project. Below are a few plug-ins that can really help speed up and maximize your post-production time.

Post Production Software

Magic Bullet looks is one of the industry “go-to’s” when it comes to colour grading your films. They software works with After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and many more. Presets make it easy to quickly add an effect to your project and the non-destructive workflow makes it even easier to remove those effects. 


Optical Flares is another one of the industry standards when it comes to plugins for after effects. The simple interface allows to create stunning flares from scratch or you can use their custom flares to create an easy look. Using after effects you can track and rotoscope your flares in and out of your shots. Video Co-pilot also has a ton of tutorials to really get you started.

light leak image

Media based effects like film burns and light leaks are a cheap and quick way to add a bit of colour or flare to your projects. Instead of installing a plug-in you can simple drag a quicktime file into your timeline, like you would footage, and quickly adjust the way a certain shot looks. Light leaks can be used to transition between shots or give depth to shots that a feeling a bit flat. Check out the video below to see how light leaks can be used in a project. Check out

There are plenty of way to really give your shots an extra bit of colour, depth and life. Stay tuned for some tips on how you can do this in camera

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