Cheap After Effects Plugins For Your Films

Having good lighting is one of the most important parts of filmmaking, you want to make sure you have an image that represents the mode, tone and style of the projects. You also want to make sure you have the highest quality image possible. With that being said – post production can be your best friend when it comes time to tweak your work and try to push the cinematic style ever-so-slightly. Here are a few plugins that can really help you get your films looking great, for those on a tight budget..

Cheap AE Plugins For Your Films

Video CoPilot Presets

video co pilot

Aside from the fact that you should be watching every single one of Andrew Kramers tutorials he’s also given his audience 19 after effect presets. This presets can help you turn a difficult process into an extremely simplified situation.

Light leaks filters

light leaks

Light Leaks Light leaks have really made a come back. What was once considered a hinderance to the photographer has now become stylistic tool for filmmakers and “motion graphos” like us. Although there are plugins available, one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a cool look in your projects in to bring in the lighT Leaks place them on a separate layer and adjusting the blending mode. Boom. Check Out The Video Below From

Red Giant Colorista II

red giant

I mentioned magic bullet looks in my previous post however with a price tag of about 399, it’s not exactly a easy purchase. However, I think getting a good colour grade is extremely important to your projects. Colourista does just that, it gives you a high production value look to your films at an low, entry level prices. It simulates a big budget colour-grading system with it’s three stages of correction. Combined with an easy ti navigate interface, it’s really a great deal if you can shell out the $99.

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